Customer Profile: Nolan's Hot Sauce

Meet Nolan of Nolan's Hot Sauce!  At 13 and my youngest customer, he is quite talented with the hot sauce and has been quite popular at the farmer's markets.  I'm not a fan of green sauce but he has hit the mark with his very pleasing, tangy Green Fire. I love this one! And Nolan brings the heat with his Tongue Scorcher, levels of heat brought by the hot peppers and horseradish.  I also hear that he is quite the creative chef.  Give a shout out for Nolan and a promising career in front of him.  We wish you all the best Nolan!

A Note from Nolan:

To Beth,
My Name is Nolan and in December I will be 13 years old. My favorite thing to cook is seafood which I buy fresh from my fishmonger who gets his fish fresh from the N.C. coast. I started making hot sauce about three months. Since I have sold close to a hundred bottles, and counting. The first hot sauce I made was my Original, then my Desert Scorcher, then my Green Fire, then finally my Tongue Scorcher. My best selling sauce is the Green Fire, which has a lite citrusy flavor that people can't get enough of. Ever since i was little I have liked peppers of all kinds. My favorite kind of pepper now is the poblano. Not for it's heat but it's mild and slightly bitter taste.   -nolan
A big high-5 to Nolan, his sauces and his future with whatever it may hold for him AND to his folks that have given him the encouragement and opportunity to succeed.  Thank you Nolan's Dad!

Thank you for sharing your story and sauces, Nolan!

Beth in Texas