The Chiles of Oaxaca

Some of our most requested chile seeds are for that of the Chiles of Oaxaca, Mexico.  To be specific, the Chilhuacles, the heart and soul of the Oaxacan moles.  The most sought after being the the very rare Chilhuacle Negro.  I don't know for certain how word spreads of these lovely varieties, rather it be a cooking shows, foodie forums, blog posting or recipe sites, but I can always tell when these lovelies come up in discussion because I get spurts of inquiries for seed availability.

I don't know what happened this growing season but the Oaxacan chiles have performed beyond any other season that I have grown them.  They can be very difficult here on the Texas Gulf Coast, namely due to the coastal humidity and of course, the fact the I have to grow them containers. Everything must have been just right this season.  Not too much rain but just enough, the extreme heat did not arrive until August.  What ever the case, it has been a bountiful season for the Oaxacans in Texas.

Here is a photo of the Tres Chilhuacles.  
The Chilhuacle Amarillo - My personal favorite for it's citrus and tangy flavor bearing smokey undertones.  I particularly like this one to season rice cooked in chicken broth.  The fruit are very hardy on the plant.
The Chilhuacle Negro - The rich smokey flavor with deep raisin / plum overtones cannot be compared.  Because the pods seem to begin to hold too much moisture and tend to rot even without any sign on the exterior, the timing of the harvest is paramount, at least in humid conditions.  Once harvested, cut open the pod and allow to dry unless using immediately.
The Chilhuacle Rojo - The most versatile, prolific and hardy of the trio.  With all of these favorable traits, the Rojo variation can be used fresh for beautiful rich red sauces or dried and ground to powder for chili sauces and seasoning blends.

We found this informative website of the chiles, spices, foods and cuisine of Oaxaca, Mexico. I think you will enjoy exploring Oaxacan-Restaurants.com

Peppermania if proud to offer The Chilhuacles and other chiles of Mexico for Season 2011.

Look for recipes incorporating the Oaxacan chiles posted at Peppermania Texas in the future.

Beth in Texas

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